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Filecategory.ajax.php        [source] [39 lines]    Helps moodle-course-categoryexpander to serve AJAX requests
Filecategory.php             [source] [31 lines]    Displays the top level category or all courses
Filechangenumsections.php    [source] [63 lines]    This script allows the number of sections in a course to be increased or decreased, redirecting to the course page.
Filecompletion.php           [source] [157 lines]   Edit course completion settings
Filecompletion_form.php      [source] [293 lines]   Edit course completion settings - the form definition.
Filedelete.php               [source] [86 lines]    Admin-only code to delete a course utterly.
Filedelete_category_form.php [source] [48 lines]    Delete category form. This file has been deprecated since 2.6. The class delete_category_form has been renamed to core_course_deletecategory_form and is now autloaded. Please update your code to use that new class.
Filedndupload.php            [source] [41 lines]    Starting point for drag and drop course uploads
Filednduploadlib.php         [source] [740 lines]   Library to handle drag and drop course uploads
Fileedit.php                 [source] [204 lines]   Edit course settings
Fileedit_form.php            [source] [381 lines]   
Fileeditcategory.php         [source] [117 lines]   Page for creating or editing course category name/parent/description.
Fileeditcategory_form.php    [source] [66 lines]    Edit category form. This file and class have been deprecated, the form has been renamed to core_course_editcategory_form and is not autoloaded when first used. Please update your code to use this new form.
Fileeditsection.php          [source] [105 lines]   Edit the section basic information and availability
Fileeditsection_form.php     [source] [340 lines]   
Fileenrol.php                [source] [30 lines]    Redirection of old enrol entry point.
Fileexternallib.php          [source] [1996 lines]  External course API
Fileindex.php                [source] [63 lines]    Lists the course categories
Fileinfo.php                 [source] [59 lines]    
Filejumpto.php               [source] [41 lines]    Jumps to a given relative or Moodle absolute URL. Mostly used for accessibility.
Filelib.php                  [source] [3683 lines]  Library of useful functions
Fileloginas.php              [source] [90 lines]    
Filemanage.php               [source] [158 lines]   Allows the admin to create, delete and rename course categories rearrange courses
Filemanagement.php           [source] [516 lines]   Course and category management interfaces.
Filemod.php                  [source] [302 lines]   Moves, adds, updates, duplicates or deletes modules in a course
Filemodduplicate.php         [source] [155 lines]   Duplicates a given course module
Filemodedit.php              [source] [317 lines]   Adds or updates modules in a course using new formslib
Filemodlib.php               [source] [553 lines]   Library of functions specific to course/modedit.php and course API functions. The course API function calling them are course/lib.php:create_module() and update_module(). This file has been created has an alternative solution to a full refactor of course/modedit.php in order to create the course API functions.
Filemoodleform_mod.php       [source] [1002 lines]  This class adds extra methods to form wrapper specific to be used for module add / update forms mod/{modname}/mod_form.php replaced deprecated mod/{modname}/mod.html
Filepending.php              [source] [140 lines]   Allow the administrator to look through a list of course requests and approve or reject them.
Filerecent.php               [source] [272 lines]   Display all recent activity in a flexible way
Filerecent_form.php          [source] [171 lines]   Display all recent activity in a flexible way
Filerenderer.php             [source] [2475 lines]  Renderer for use with the course section and all the goodness that falls within it. This renderer should contain methods useful to courses, and categories.
Filereport.php               [source] [41 lines]    
Filerequest.php              [source] [79 lines]    Allows a user to request a course be created for them.
Filerequest_form.php         [source] [151 lines]   Forms associated with requesting courses, and having requests approved. Note that several related forms are defined in this one file.
Filereset.php                [source] [107 lines]   The purpose of this feature is to quickly remove all user related data from a course in order to make it available for a new semester. This feature can handle the removal of general course data like students, teachers, logs, events and groups as well as module specific data. Each module must be modified to take advantage of this new feature. The feature will also reset the start date of the course if necessary.
Filereset_form.php           [source] [135 lines]   
Fileresources.php            [source] [151 lines]   List of all resource type modules in course
Filerest.php                 [source] [218 lines]   Provide interface for topics AJAX course formats
Filescales.php               [source] [143 lines]   Allows a creator to edit custom scales, and also display help about scales
Filesearch.php               [source] [101 lines]   Displays external information about a course
Fileswitchrole.php           [source] [75 lines]    The purpose of this file is to allow the user to switch roles and be redirected back to the page that they were on.
Filetogglecompletion.php     [source] [184 lines]   Toggles the manual completion flag for a particular activity or course completion and the current user.
Fileuser.php                 [source] [144 lines]   Display user activity reports for a course
Fileview.php                 [source] [296 lines]   

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