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Filechange_password.php        [source] [154 lines]   Change password page.
Filechange_password_form.php   [source] [104 lines]   Change password form definition.
Fileconfirm.php                [source] [108 lines]   Confirm self registered user.
Fileforgot_password.php        [source] [70 lines]    Forgot password routine.
Fileforgot_password_form.php   [source] [110 lines]   Forgot password page.
Fileindex.php                  [source] [359 lines]   Main login page.
Filelib.php                    [source] [305 lines]   Login library file of login/password related Moodle functions.
Filelogout.php                 [source] [64 lines]    Logs the user out and sends them to the home page
Filerestored_password_form.php [source] [55 lines]    Magic that deals restored users without passwords.
Fileset_password_form.php      [source] [108 lines]   Set password form definition.
Filesignup.php                 [source] [89 lines]    user signup page.
Filesignup_form.php            [source] [197 lines]   User sign-up form.
Filetoken.php                  [source] [206 lines]   Return token
Fileunlock_account.php         [source] [54 lines]    Reset locked-out accounts.

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