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Filedefaultoutputs.php [source] [115 lines]   Default message outputs configuration page
Filediscussion.php     [source] [38 lines]    This file was replaced by index.php in Moodle 2.0 and now simply redirects to index.php
Fileedit.php           [source] [175 lines]   Edit user message preferences
Fileexternallib.php    [source] [662 lines]   External message API
Fileindex.php          [source] [343 lines]   A page displaying the user's contacts and messages
Filelib.php            [source] [2539 lines]  Library functions for messaging
Filerenderer.php       [source] [376 lines]   Contains renderer objects for messaging
Filesend_form.php      [source] [62 lines]    Contains the definition of the form used to send messages

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