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Fileaddinstance.php      [source] [67 lines]    Adds new instance of enrol_mnet into the specified course
Fileaddinstance_form.php [source] [87 lines]    Form to add an instance of enrol_mnet plugin
Fileenrol.php            [source] [357 lines]   Implements the XML-RPC methods this plugin publishes to MNet peers This file must be named enrol.php because current MNet framework has the filename hardcoded in XML-RPC path and we want to be compatible with Moodle 1.x MNet clients. There is a proposal in MDL-21993 to allow map XMP-RPC calls to whatever file, function, class or methods. Once this is fixed, this file will be probably renamed to mnetlib.php (which could be a common name of a plugin library containing functions/methods callable via MNet framework.
Filelib.php              [source] [91 lines]    MNet enrolment plugin
Filesettings.php         [source] [41 lines]    Cohort enrolment plugin settings and default values
Fileversion.php          [source] [29 lines]    MNet enrolment plugin version specification.

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