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  • Bug fixes for general core bugs in 2.8.x ended 9 November 2015 (12 months).
  • Bug fixes for security issues in 2.8.x ended 9 May 2016 (18 months).
  • minimum PHP 5.4.4 (always use latest PHP 5.4.x or 5.5.x on Windows -, PHP 7 is NOT supported

  • Functions that are not part of a class:

    quiz_report_index_by_keys($datum, $keys, $keysunique = true)   X-Ref
    Takes an array of objects and constructs a multidimensional array keyed by
    the keys it finds on the object.

    return: array multidimensional array properly indexed.
    param: array $datum an array of objects with properties on the object
    param: array $keys Array of strings with the names of the properties on the
    param: bool $keysunique If there is not only one object for each

    quiz_report_unindex($datum)   X-Ref
    No description

    quiz_has_questions($quizid)   X-Ref
    Are there any questions in this quiz?

    param: int $quizid the quiz id.

    quiz_report_get_significant_questions($quiz)   X-Ref
    Get the slots of real questions (not descriptions) in this quiz, in order.

    return: array of slot => $question object with fields
    param: object $quiz the quiz.

    quiz_report_can_filter_only_graded($quiz)   X-Ref

    return: bool whether, for this quiz, it is possible to filter attempts to show
    param: object $quiz the quiz settings.

    quiz_report_qm_filter_select($quiz, $quizattemptsalias = 'quiza')   X-Ref
    This is a wrapper for {@link quiz_report_grade_method_sql} that takes the whole quiz object instead of just the grading method
    as a param. See definition for {@link quiz_report_grade_method_sql} below.

    return: string sql to test if this is an attempt that will contribute towards the grade of the user
    param: object $quiz
    param: string $quizattemptsalias sql alias for 'quiz_attempts' table

    quiz_report_grade_method_sql($grademethod, $quizattemptsalias = 'quiza')   X-Ref
    Given a quiz grading method return sql to test if this is an
    attempt that will be contribute towards the grade of the user. Or return an
    empty string if the grading method is QUIZ_GRADEAVERAGE and thus all attempts
    contribute to final grade.

    return: string sql to test if this is an attempt that will contribute towards the graded of the user
    param: string $grademethod quiz grading method.
    param: string $quizattemptsalias sql alias for 'quiz_attempts' table

    quiz_report_grade_bands($bandwidth, $bands, $quizid, $userids = array()   X-Ref
    Get the number of students whose score was in a particular band for this quiz.

    return: array band number => number of users with scores in that band.
    param: number $bandwidth the width of each band.
    param: int $bands the number of bands
    param: int $quizid the quiz id.
    param: array $userids list of user ids.

    quiz_report_highlighting_grading_method($quiz, $qmsubselect, $qmfilter)   X-Ref
    No description

    quiz_report_feedback_for_grade($grade, $quizid, $context)   X-Ref
    Get the feedback text for a grade on this quiz. The feedback is
    processed ready for display.

    return: string the comment that corresponds to this grade (empty string if there is not one.
    param: float $grade a grade on this quiz.
    param: int $quizid the id of the quiz object.

    quiz_report_scale_summarks_as_percentage($rawmark, $quiz, $round = true)   X-Ref
    Format a number as a percentage out of $quiz->sumgrades

    param: number $rawgrade the mark to format.
    param: object $quiz the quiz settings
    param: bool $round whether to round the results ot $quiz->decimalpoints.

    quiz_report_list($context)   X-Ref
    Returns an array of reports to which the current user has access to.

    return: array reports are ordered as they should be for display in tabs.

    quiz_report_download_filename($report, $courseshortname, $quizname)   X-Ref
    Create a filename for use when downloading data from a quiz report. It is
    expected that this will be passed to flexible_table::is_downloading, which
    cleans the filename of bad characters and adds the file extension.

    return: string the filename.
    param: string $report the type of report.
    param: string $courseshortname the course shortname.
    param: string $quizname the quiz name.

    quiz_report_default_report($context)   X-Ref
    Get the default report for the current user.

    param: object $context the quiz context.

    quiz_no_questions_message($quiz, $cm, $context)   X-Ref
    Generate a message saying that this quiz has no questions, with a button to
    go to the edit page, if the user has the right capability.

    return: string HTML to output.
    param: object $quiz the quiz settings.
    param: object $cm the course_module object.
    param: object $context the quiz context.

    quiz_report_should_show_grades($quiz, context $context)   X-Ref
    Should the grades be displayed in this report. That depends on the quiz
    display options, and whether the quiz is graded.

    return: bool
    param: object $quiz the quiz settings.
    param: context $context the quiz context.

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