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    Log report renderer.

    Copyright: 2014 Rajesh Taneja <>
    License: GNU GPL v3 or later
    File Size: 190 lines (9 kb)
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    Defines 1 class

    report_log_renderer:: (4 methods):

    Class: report_log_renderer  - X-Ref

    Report log renderer's for printing reports.

    render_report_log_renderable(report_log_renderable $reportlog)   X-Ref
    This method should never be manually called, it should only be called by process.

    return: string
    param: report_log_renderable $reportlog

    render_report_log(report_log_renderable $reportlog)   X-Ref
    Render log report page.

    param: report_log_renderable $reportlog object of report_log.

    reader_selector(report_log_renderable $reportlog)   X-Ref
    Prints/return reader selector

    param: report_log_renderable $reportlog log report.

    report_selector_form(report_log_renderable $reportlog)   X-Ref
    This function is used to generate and display selector form

    param: report_log_renderable $reportlog log report.

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