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Fileauth.php               [source] [105 lines]   Allows admin to edit all auth plugin settings.
Fileauth_config.php        [source] [189 lines]   Edit configuration for an individual auth plugin
Fileblocks.php             [source] [253 lines]   
Filecategory.php           [source] [158 lines]   This file is used to display a categories sub categories, external pages, and settings.
Filecourseformats.php      [source] [83 lines]    Allows the admin to enable, disable and uninstall course formats
Filecron.php               [source] [81 lines]    Web cron
Fileeditors.php            [source] [100 lines]   Allows admin to configure editors.
Fileenrol.php              [source] [133 lines]   Enrol config manipulation script.
Fileenvironment.php        [source] [109 lines]   This file is the admin frontend to execute all the checks available in the environment.xml file. It includes database, php and php_extensions. Also, it's possible to update the xml file from be able to check more and more versions.
Filefilters.php            [source] [253 lines]   Filter management page.
Fileindex.php              [source] [859 lines]   Main administration script.
Filelib.php                [source] [39 lines]    This file contains functions used by the admin pages
Filelicenses.php           [source] [57 lines]    Allows admin to configure licenses.
Filelocalplugins.php       [source] [78 lines]    Provides an overview of installed local plugins
Filemailout-debugger.php   [source] [77 lines]    
Filemessage.php            [source] [74 lines]    Message outputs configuration page
Filemodules.php            [source] [161 lines]   
Fileoauth2callback.php     [source] [46 lines]    An oauth2 redirection endpoint which can be used for an application:
Filephpinfo.php            [source] [33 lines]    shows phpinfo for the current server
Fileplagiarism.php         [source] [86 lines]    Provides an overview of installed plagiarism plugins
Fileplugins.php            [source] [216 lines]   UI for general plugins management
Fileportfolio.php          [source] [251 lines]   
Fileprocess_email.php      [source] [80 lines]    
Filepurgecaches.php        [source] [63 lines]    This script triggers a full purging of system caches, this is useful mostly for developers who did not disable the caching.
Fileqbehaviours.php        [source] [241 lines]   Allows the admin to manage question behaviours.
Fileqtypes.php             [source] [255 lines]   Allows the admin to manage question types.
Filerenderer.php           [source] [1938 lines]  Renderer for core_admin subsystem
Filereports.php            [source] [120 lines]   Provides an overview of installed reports
Filerepository.php         [source] [427 lines]   
Filerepositoryinstance.php [source] [168 lines]   
Fileresetemoticons.php     [source] [45 lines]    Resets the emoticons mapping into the default value
Filesearch.php             [source] [64 lines]    
Filesettings.php           [source] [150 lines]   
Filethirdpartylibs.php     [source] [76 lines]    List of 3rd party libs used in moodle and all plugins.
Filetimezone.php           [source] [55 lines]    
Filetools.php              [source] [104 lines]   Provides an overview of installed admin tools
Fileupgradesettings.php    [source] [78 lines]    
Fileuser.php               [source] [396 lines]   

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