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Fileassign.php         [source] [184 lines]   Add/remove group from grouping.
Fileautogroup.php      [source] [267 lines]   Create and allocate users to groups
Fileautogroup_form.php [source] [239 lines]   Auto group form
Filedelete.php         [source] [97 lines]    Delete group
Fileexternallib.php    [source] [1808 lines]  External groups API
Filegroup.php          [source] [139 lines]   Create group OR edit group settings.
Filegroup_form.php     [source] [192 lines]   A form for the creation and editing of groups.
Filegrouping.php       [source] [149 lines]   Create grouping OR edit grouping settings.
Filegrouping_form.php  [source] [115 lines]   A form for creating and editing groupings.
Filegroupings.php      [source] [121 lines]   Allows a creator to edit groupings
Fileimport.php         [source] [238 lines]   Bulk group creation registration script from a comma separated file
Fileimport_form.php    [source] [64 lines]    A form for group import.
Fileindex.php          [source] [299 lines]   The main group management user interface.
Filelib.php            [source] [1083 lines]  Extra library for groups and groupings.
Filemembers.php        [source] [185 lines]   Add/remove members from group.
Fileoverview.php       [source] [281 lines]   Print an overview of groupings & group membership
Filetabs.php           [source] [38 lines]    Prints navigation tabs

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