Developer Documentation

  • Bug fixes for general core bugs in 3.10.x will end 8 November 2021 (12 months).
  • Bug fixes for security issues in 3.10.x will end 9 May 2022 (18 months).
  • PHP version: minimum PHP 7.2.0 Note: minimum PHP version has increased since Moodle 3.8. PHP 7.3.x and 7.4.x are supported too.
  • /admin/settings/
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    Fileanalytics.php      [source] [148 lines]   Adds settings links to admin tree.
    Fileappearance.php     [source] [294 lines]   
    Filebadges.php         [source] [121 lines]   This file defines settingpages and externalpages under the "badges" section
    Filecompetency.php     [source] [50 lines]    File.
    Filecourses.php        [source] [617 lines]   This file defines settingpages and externalpages under the "courses" category
    Filedevelopment.php    [source] [112 lines]   
    Filefrontpage.php      [source] [74 lines]    
    Filegrades.php         [source] [248 lines]   
    Fileh5p.php            [source] [44 lines]    H5P settings link.
    Filelanguage.php       [source] [22 lines]    
    Filelicense.php        [source] [45 lines]    This file defines the settings pages for licenses.
    Filelocation.php       [source] [57 lines]    Define administration settings on the Location settings page.
    Filemessaging.php      [source] [78 lines]    Adds messaging related settings links for Messaging category to admin tree.
    Filemnet.php           [source] [62 lines]    
    Filemoodleservices.php [source] [53 lines]    This file gives information about Moodle Services
    Filepayment.php        [source] [29 lines]    Adds payments links to the admin tree
    Fileplugins.php        [source] [776 lines]   Load all plugins into the admin tree.
    Filesecurity.php       [source] [193 lines]   Adds security related settings links for security category to admin tree.
    Fileserver.php         [source] [531 lines]   Defines settingpages and externalpages under the "server" category.
    Filesubsystems.php     [source] [77 lines]    
    Filetop.php            [source] [56 lines]    
    Fileuserfeedback.php   [source] [49 lines]    This file contains call to feedback settings
    Fileusers.php          [source] [308 lines]