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    This file contains the User Filter API.

    Copyright: 1999 Martin Dougiamas
    License: GNU GPL v3 or later
    File Size: 354 lines (15 kb)
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    Defines 3 classes

    user_filtering:: (5 methods):

    user_filter_type:: (2 methods):

    name:: (4 methods):

    Class: user_filtering  - X-Ref

    User filtering wrapper class.

    __construct($fieldnames = null, $baseurl = null, $extraparams = null)   X-Ref

    param: array $fieldnames array of visible user fields
    param: string $baseurl base url used for submission/return, null if the same of current page
    param: array $extraparams extra page parameters

    get_field($fieldname, $advanced)   X-Ref
    Creates known user filter if present

    return: object filter
    param: string $fieldname
    param: boolean $advanced

    get_sql_filter($extra='', array $params=null)   X-Ref
    Returns sql where statement based on active user filters

    return: array sql string and $params
    param: string $extra sql
    param: array $params named params (recommended prefix ex)

    display_add()   X-Ref
    Print the add filter form.

    display_active()   X-Ref
    Print the active filter form.

    Class: user_filter_type  - X-Ref

    The base user filter class. All abstract classes must be implemented.

    __construct($name, $label, $advanced)   X-Ref

    param: string $name the name of the filter instance
    param: string $label the label of the filter instance
    param: boolean $advanced advanced form element flag

    user_filter_type($name, $label, $advanced)   X-Ref
    Old syntax of class constructor. Deprecated in PHP7.

    Class: name  - X-Ref

    get_sql_filter($data)   X-Ref
    Returns the condition to be used with SQL where

    return: string the filtering condition or null if the filter is disabled
    param: array $data filter settings

    check_data($formdata)   X-Ref
    Retrieves data from the form data

    return: mixed array filter data or false when filter not set
    param: stdClass $formdata data submited with the form

    setupForm(&$mform)   X-Ref
    Adds controls specific to this filter in the form.

    param: moodleform $mform a MoodleForm object to setup

    get_label($data)   X-Ref
    Returns a human friendly description of the filter used as label.

    return: string active filter label
    param: array $data filter settings