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    File containing the helper class.

    Copyright: 2013 Frédéric Massart
    License: GNU GPL v3 or later
    File Size: 598 lines (21 kb)
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    Defines 1 class

    Class: tool_uploadcourse_helper  - X-Ref

    Class containing a set of helpers.

    generate_shortname($data, $templateshortname)   X-Ref
    Generate a shortname based on a template.

    param: array|object $data course data.
    param: string $templateshortname template of shortname.
    return: null|string shortname based on the template, or null when an error occured.

    generate_shortname_callback($fullname, $idnumber, $block)   X-Ref
    Callback used when generating a shortname based on a template.

    param: string $fullname full name.
    param: string $idnumber ID number.
    param: array $block result from preg_replace_callback.
    return: string

    get_course_formats()   X-Ref
    Return the available course formats.

    return: array

    get_enrolment_data($data)   X-Ref
    Extract enrolment data from passed data.

    Constructs an array of methods, and their options:
    'method1' => array(
    'option1' => value,
    'option2' => value
    'method2' => array(
    'option1' => value,
    'option2' => value

    param: array $data data to extract the enrolment data from.
    return: array

    get_enrolment_plugins()   X-Ref
    Return the enrolment plugins.

    The result is cached for faster execution.

    return: enrol_plugin[]

    get_restore_content_dir($backupfile = null, $shortname = null, &$errors = array()   X-Ref
    Get the restore content tempdir.

    The tempdir is the sub directory in which the backup has been extracted.

    This caches the result for better performance, but $CFG->keeptempdirectoriesonbackup
    needs to be enabled, otherwise the cache is ignored.

    param: string $backupfile path to a backup file.
    param: string $shortname shortname of a course.
    param: array $errors will be populated with errors found.
    return: string|false false when the backup couldn't retrieved.

    get_role_ids()   X-Ref
    Return the role IDs.

    The result is cached for faster execution.

    return: array

    get_coursesection_count($shortname)   X-Ref
    Helper to detect how many sections a course with a given shortname has.

    param: string $shortname shortname of a course to count sections from.
    return: integer count of sections.

    get_role_names($data, &$errors = array()   X-Ref
    Get the role renaming data from the passed data.

    param: array $data data to extract the names from.
    param: array $errors will be populated with errors found.
    return: array where the key is the role_<id>, the value is the new name.

    get_custom_course_fields()   X-Ref
    Return array of all custom course fields indexed by their shortname

    return: \core_customfield\field_controller[]

    get_custom_course_field_names()   X-Ref
    Return array of custom field element names

    return: string[]

    get_custom_course_field_data(array $data, array $defaults, context $context,array &$errors = [])   X-Ref
    Return any elements from passed $data whose key matches one of the custom course fields defined for the site

    param: array $data
    param: array $defaults
    param: context $context
    param: array $errors Will be populated with any errors
    return: array

    increment_idnumber($idnumber)   X-Ref
    Helper to increment an ID number.

    This first checks if the ID number is in use.

    param: string $idnumber ID number to increment.
    return: string new ID number.

    increment_shortname($shortname)   X-Ref
    Helper to increment a shortname.

    This considers that the shortname passed has to be incremented.

    param: string $shortname shortname to increment.
    return: string new shortname.

    resolve_category($data, &$errors = array()   X-Ref
    Resolve a category based on the data passed.

    Key accepted are:
    - category, which is supposed to be a category ID.
    - category_idnumber
    - category_path, array of categories from parent to child.

    param: array $data to resolve the category from.
    param: array $errors will be populated with errors found.
    return: int category ID.

    resolve_category_by_idnumber($idnumber)   X-Ref
    Resolve a category by ID number.

    param: string $idnumber category ID number.
    return: int category ID.

    resolve_category_by_path(array $path)   X-Ref
    Resolve a category by path.

    param: array $path category names indexed from parent to children.
    return: int category ID.