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    This file contains the activity completion criteria type class and any supporting functions it may require.

    Author: Aaron Barnes <>
    Copyright: 2009 Catalyst IT Ltd
    License: GNU GPL v3 or later
    File Size: 308 lines (10 kb)
    Included or required:0 times
    Referenced: 3 times
    Includes or requires: 0 files

    Defines 1 class

    completion_criteria_activity:: (12 methods):

    Class: completion_criteria_activity  - X-Ref

    Course completion critieria - completion on activity completion

    fetch($params)   X-Ref
    Finds and returns a data_object instance based on params.

    param: array $params associative arrays varname=>value
    return: completion_criteria_activity data_object instance or false if none found.

    config_form_display(&$mform, $data = null)   X-Ref
    Add appropriate form elements to the critieria form

    param: moodleform $mform  Moodle forms object
    param: stdClass $data details of various modules

    update_config(&$data)   X-Ref
    Update the criteria information stored in the database

    param: stdClass $data Form data

    get_mod_name($type)   X-Ref
    Get module instance module type

    param: int $type Module type id
    return: string

    get_mod_instance()   X-Ref
    Gets the module instance from the database and returns it.
    If no module instance exists this function returns false.

    return: stdClass|bool

    review($completion, $mark = true)   X-Ref
    Review this criteria and decide if the user has completed

    param: completion_completion $completion     The user's completion record
    param: bool $mark Optionally set false to not save changes to database
    return: bool

    get_title()   X-Ref
    Return criteria title for display in reports

    return: string

    get_title_detailed()   X-Ref
    Return a more detailed criteria title for display in reports

    return: string

    get_type_title()   X-Ref
    Return criteria type title for display in reports

    return: string

    cron()   X-Ref
    Find users who have completed this criteria and mark them accordingly

    get_details($completion)   X-Ref
    Return criteria progress details for display in reports

    param: completion_completion $completion The user's completion record
    return: array An array with the following keys:

    get_icon($alt, array $attributes = null)   X-Ref
    Return pix_icon for display in reports.

    param: string $alt The alt text to use for the icon
    param: array $attributes html attributes
    return: pix_icon