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    Local stuff for cohort enrolment plugin.

    Copyright: 2010 Petr Skoda {@link}
    License: GNU GPL v3 or later
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    Defines 1 class

    enrol_cohort_handler:: (4 methods):

    Class: enrol_cohort_handler  - X-Ref

    Event handler for cohort enrolment plugin.

    We try to keep everything in sync via listening to events,
    it may fail sometimes, so we always do a full sync in cron too.
    member_added(\core\event\cohort_member_added $event)   X-Ref
    Event processor - cohort member added.

    param: \core\event\cohort_member_added $event
    return: bool

    member_removed(\core\event\cohort_member_removed $event)   X-Ref
    Event processor - cohort member removed.

    param: \core\event\cohort_member_removed $event
    return: bool

    deleted(\core\event\cohort_deleted $event)   X-Ref
    Event processor - cohort deleted.

    param: \core\event\cohort_deleted $event
    return: bool

    enrol_cohort_sync(progress_trace $trace, $courseid = NULL)   X-Ref
    Sync all cohort course links.

    param: progress_trace $trace
    param: int $courseid one course, empty mean all
    return: int 0 means ok, 1 means error, 2 means plugin disabled