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    This is the external API for this component.

    Copyright: 2019 Carlos Escobedo <>
    License: GNU GPL v3 or later
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    Defines 1 class

    Class: external  - X-Ref

    This is the external API for this component.

    get_trusted_h5p_file_parameters()   X-Ref
    get_trusted_h5p_file parameters.

    return: external_function_parameters

    get_trusted_h5p_file(string $url, int $frame, int $export, int $embed, int $copyright)   X-Ref
    Return the H5P file trusted.

    The Mobile App needs to work with an H5P package which can trust.
    And this H5P package is only trusted by the Mobile App once it's been processed
    by the core checking the right caps, validating the H5P package
    and doing any clean-up process involved.

    return: array
    param: string $url H5P file url
    param: int $frame The frame allow to show the bar options below the content
    param: int $export The export allow to download the package
    param: int $embed The embed allow to copy the code to your site
    param: int $copyright The copyright option

    get_trusted_h5p_file_returns()   X-Ref
    get_trusted_h5p_file return

    return: external_description