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  • Bug fixes for general core bugs in 3.11.x will end 14 Nov 2022 (12 months plus 6 months extension).
  • Bug fixes for security issues in 3.11.x will end 13 Nov 2023 (18 months plus 12 months extension).
  • PHP version: minimum PHP 7.3.0 Note: minimum PHP version has increased since Moodle 3.10. PHP 7.4.x is supported too.
  • /lib/classes/task/
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    Fileadhoc_task.php                            [source] [160 lines]   Adhoc task abstract class. All background tasks should extend this class.
    Fileanalytics_cleanup_task.php                [source] [60 lines]    A scheduled task.
    Fileantivirus_cleanup_task.php                [source] [62 lines]    Clean up task for core antivirus
    Fileasynchronous_backup_task.php              [source] [93 lines]    Adhoc task that performs asynchronous backups.
    Fileasynchronous_copy_task.php                [source] [214 lines]   Adhoc task that performs asynchronous course copies.
    Fileasynchronous_restore_task.php             [source] [98 lines]    Adhoc task that performs asynchronous restores.
    Fileautomated_backup_task.php                 [source] [52 lines]    A scheduled task.
    Filebackup_cleanup_task.php                   [source] [82 lines]    A scheduled task.
    Filebadges_cron_task.php                      [source] [94 lines]    A scheduled task.
    Filebadges_message_task.php                   [source] [67 lines]    A scheduled task.
    Fileblog_cron_task.php                        [source] [67 lines]    A scheduled task.
    Filebuild_installed_themes_task.php           [source] [54 lines]    Adhoc task that builds and caches all of the site's installed themes.
    Filecache_cleanup_task.php                    [source] [50 lines]    A scheduled task.
    Filecache_cron_task.php                       [source] [48 lines]    A scheduled task.
    Filecalendar_cron_task.php                    [source] [72 lines]    A scheduled task.
    Filecalendar_fix_orphaned_events.php          [source] [73 lines]    Adhoc task handling fixing of events that have had their userid lost.
    Filecheck_for_updates_task.php                [source] [54 lines]    A scheduled task.
    Fileclean_up_deleted_search_area_task.php     [source] [53 lines]    Adhoc task that clean up data related ro deleted search area.
    Filecomplete_plans_task.php                   [source] [68 lines]    Complete plans task.
    Filecompletion_daily_task.php                 [source] [171 lines]   A scheduled task.
    Filecompletion_regular_task.php               [source] [199 lines]   A scheduled task.
    Filecontext_cleanup_task.php                  [source] [54 lines]    A scheduled task.
    Filecourse_backup_task.php                    [source] [97 lines]    Adhoc task that performs single automated course backup.
    Filecreate_contexts_task.php                  [source] [50 lines]    Scheduled task class.
    Filedatabase_logger.php                       [source] [173 lines]   Database logger for task logging.
    Filedelete_incomplete_users_task.php          [source] [73 lines]    A scheduled task.
    Filedelete_unconfirmed_users_task.php         [source] [64 lines]    Scheduled task abstract class.
    Filefile_temp_cleanup_task.php                [source] [122 lines]   A scheduled task.
    Filefile_trash_cleanup_task.php               [source] [51 lines]    A scheduled task.
    Filegrade_cron_task.php                       [source] [91 lines]    A scheduled task.
    Filegrade_history_cleanup_task.php            [source] [67 lines]    A scheduled task.
    Fileh5p_clean_orphaned_records_task.php       [source] [74 lines]    
    Fileh5p_get_content_types_task.php            [source] [78 lines]    Task to get the latest content types from the official H5P repository.
    Filelegacy_plugin_cron_task.php               [source] [176 lines]   Scheduled task class.
    Filelogging_trait.php                         [source] [112 lines]   This file defines a trait to assist with logging in tasks.
    Filelogmanager.php                            [source] [352 lines]   Task log manager.
    Filemanager.php                               [source] [1229 lines]  Scheduled and adhoc task management.
    Filemessaging_cleanup_task.php                [source] [77 lines]    A scheduled task.
    Filepassword_reset_cleanup_task.php           [source] [58 lines]    A scheduled task.
    Fileplagiarism_cron_task.php                  [source] [65 lines]    A scheduled task.
    Fileportfolio_cron_task.php                   [source] [78 lines]    A scheduled task.
    Filequestion_preview_cleanup_task.php         [source] [75 lines]    Task to cleanup old question previews.
    Filequestion_stats_cleanup_task.php           [source] [65 lines]    Task to cleanup old question statistics cache.
    Filerefresh_mod_calendar_events_task.php      [source] [77 lines]    Adhoc task that updates all of the existing calendar events for modules that implement the *_refresh_events() hook.
    Fileregistration_cron_task.php                [source] [48 lines]    A scheduled task.
    Filescheduled_task.php                        [source] [439 lines]   Scheduled task abstract class.
    Filesearch_index_task.php                     [source] [72 lines]    A scheduled task for global search.
    Filesearch_optimize_task.php                  [source] [61 lines]    A scheduled task for global search.
    Filesend_failed_login_notifications_task.php  [source] [189 lines]   Scheduled task class.
    Filesend_new_user_passwords_task.php          [source] [79 lines]    Scheduled task class.
    Filesession_cleanup_task.php                  [source] [57 lines]    Scheduled task abstract class.
    Filestats_cron_task.php                       [source] [62 lines]    A scheduled task.
    Filesync_plans_from_template_cohorts_task.php [source] [71 lines]    Synchronise plans from template cohorts.
    Filetag_cron_task.php                         [source] [271 lines]   A scheduled task.
    Filetask_base.php                             [source] [233 lines]   Abstract class for common properties of scheduled_task and adhoc_task.
    Filetask_log_cleanup_task.php                 [source] [57 lines]    Task to cleanup task logs.
    Filetask_logger.php                           [source] [71 lines]    Interface for task logging.