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plagiarismlib.php - Contains core Plagiarism related functions.

Copyright: 2010 Dan Marsden
License: GNU GPL v3 or later
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Defines 7 functions

Functions that are not part of a class:

plagiarism_get_links($linkarray)   X-Ref
displays the similarity score and provides a link to the full report if allowed.

param: object  $linkarray contains all relevant information for the plugin to generate a link
return: string - url to allow login/viewing of a similarity report

plagiarism_get_file_results($cmid, $userid, $file)   X-Ref
returns array of plagiarism details about specified file

param: int $cmid
param: int $userid
param: object $file moodle file object
return: array - sets of details about specified file, one array of details per plagiarism plugin

plagiarism_save_form_elements($data)   X-Ref
saves/updates plagiarism settings from a modules config page - called by course/modedit.php

param: object $data - form data

plagiarism_get_form_elements_module($mform, $context, $modulename = "")   X-Ref
adds the list of plagiarism settings to a form - called inside modules that have enabled plagiarism

param: object $mform - Moodle form object
param: object $context - context object
param: string $modulename - Name of the module

plagiarism_update_status($course, $cm)   X-Ref
Allows a plagiarism plugin to print a button/link at the top of activity overview report pages.

param: object $course - full Course object
param: object $cm - full cm object
return: string

plagiarism_print_disclosure($cmid)   X-Ref
Function that prints the student disclosure notifying that the files will be checked for plagiarism

param: integer $cmid - the cmid of this module
return: string

plagiarism_load_available_plugins()   X-Ref
Helper function - also loads lib file of plagiarism plugin

return: array of available plugins