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    Cache data source for the time of the last message between users.

    Copyright: 2016 Ryan Wyllie <>
    License: GNU GPL v3 or later
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    Defines 1 class

    time_last_message_between_users:: (3 methods):

    Class: time_last_message_between_users  - X-Ref

    Cache data source for the time of the last message in a conversation.

    get_instance_for_cache(\cache_definition $definition)   X-Ref
    Returns an instance of the data source class that the cache can use for loading data using the other methods
    specified by the cache_data_source interface.

    return: object
    param: \cache_definition $definition

    load_for_cache($key)   X-Ref
    Loads the data for the key provided ready formatted for caching.

    return: mixed What ever data should be returned, or false if it can't be loaded.
    param: string|int $key The key to load.

    load_many_for_cache(array $keys)   X-Ref
    Loads several keys for the cache.

    return: array An array of matching data items.
    param: array $keys An array of keys each of which will be string|int.