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H5P activity participants report

Copyright: 2020 Ferran Recio <>
License: GNU GPL v3 or later
File Size: 208 lines (6 kb)
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Defines 1 class

participants:: (9 methods):

Class: participants  - X-Ref

Class  H5P activity participants report.

__construct(manager $manager, $currentgroup = false)   X-Ref
Create a new participants report.

param: manager $manager h5pactivitymanager object
param: int|bool $currentgroup False if groups not used, 0 for all groups, group id (int) to filter by specific group

get_user()   X-Ref
Return the report user record.

Participants report has no specific user.

return: stdClass|null a user or null

get_attempt()   X-Ref
Return the report attempt object.

Participants report has no specific attempt.

return: attempt|null the attempt object or null

print()   X-Ref
Print the report.

print_nothing_to_display()   X-Ref
Warning in case no user has the selected initials letters.

col_fullname($user)   X-Ref
Generate the fullname column.

param: stdClass $user
return: string

col_score(stdClass $user)   X-Ref
Generate score column.

param: stdClass $user the user record
return: string

col_attempts(stdClass $user)   X-Ref
Generate attempts count column, if any.

param: stdClass $user the user record
return: string

col_timemodified(stdClass $user)   X-Ref
Generate attempt timemodified column, if any.

param: stdClass $user the user record
return: string