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Table log for generating data in ajax mode.

Copyright: 2014 onwards Ankit Agarwal <>
License: GNU GPL v3 or later
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Defines 1 class

report_loglive_table_log_ajax:: (2 methods):

Class: report_loglive_table_log_ajax  - X-Ref

Table log class for generating data in ajax mode.

out($pagesize, $useinitialsbar, $downloadhelpbutton = '')   X-Ref
Convenience method to call a number of methods for you to display the

param: int $pagesize pagesize
param: bool $useinitialsbar Not used, present only for compatibility with parent.
param: string $downloadhelpbutton Not used, present only for compatibility with parent.
return: string json encoded data containing html of new rows.

action_link(moodle_url $url, $text, $name = 'popup')   X-Ref
Popup actions do not function when they are rendered in response to an AJAX request, encode within the link itself

param: moodle_url $url
param: string $text
param: string $name
return: string