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My Moodle -- a user's personal dashboard

Author: Hubert Chathi <>
Author: Olav Jordan <>
Copyright: 2010
License: GNU GPL v3 or later
File Size: 218 lines (8 kb)
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Referenced: 4 times
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Defines 1 class

my_syspage_block_manager:: (1 method):

Defines 1 function

Class: my_syspage_block_manager  - X-Ref

load_blocks($includeinvisible = null)   X-Ref
Load blocks using the system context, rather than the user's context.

This is needed because the My Moodle pages set the page context to the
user's context for access control, etc.  But the blocks for the system
pages are stored in the system context.

Functions that are not part of a class:

my_get_page($userid, $private=MY_PAGE_PRIVATE)   X-Ref
No description

my_copy_page($userid, $private=MY_PAGE_PRIVATE, $pagetype='my-index')   X-Ref
No description

my_reset_page($userid, $private=MY_PAGE_PRIVATE, $pagetype='my-index')   X-Ref
No description

my_reset_page_for_all_users($private = MY_PAGE_PRIVATE, $pagetype = 'my-index')   X-Ref
Resets the page customisations for all users.

return: void
param: int $private Either MY_PAGE_PRIVATE or MY_PAGE_PUBLIC.
param: string $pagetype Either my-index or user-profile.

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