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external API for mobile web services

Copyright: 2011 Jerome Mouneyrac <>
License: GNU GPL v3 or later
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Defines 1 class

core_webservice_external:: (3 methods):

Class: core_webservice_external  - X-Ref

Web service related functions

get_site_info_parameters()   X-Ref
Returns description of method parameters

return: external_function_parameters

get_site_info($serviceshortnames = array()   X-Ref
Return user information including profile picture + basic site information
- no capability checking because we return only known information about logged user

return: array site info
param: array $serviceshortnames - DEPRECATED PARAMETER - values will be ignored -

get_site_info_returns()   X-Ref
Returns description of method result value

return: external_single_structure

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