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Fileexternallib.php [source] [266 lines]   external API for mobile web services
Filelib.php         [source] [1666 lines]  Web services utility functions and classes
Filepluginfile.php  [source] [57 lines]    A script to serve files from web service client
Filerenderer.php    [source] [837 lines]   
Fileupload.php      [source] [160 lines]   Accept uploading files by web service token to the user draft file area. POST params: token => the web service user token (needed for authentication) filepath => file path (where files will be stored) [_FILES] => for example you can send the files with , or with curl magic: 'file_1' => '@/path/to/file', or ... itemid => The draftid - this can be used to add a list of files to a draft area in separate requests. If it is 0, a new draftid will be generated.
Filewsdoc.php       [source] [93 lines]    Web services auto-generated documentation

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