Developer Documentation

  • Bug fixes for general core bugs in 3.6.x will end 11 November 2019 (12 months).
  • Bug fixes for security issues in 3.6.x will end 11 May 2020 (18 months) - Support has ended.
  • minimum PHP 7.0.0 Note: minimum PHP version has increased since Moodle 3.3. PHP 7.1.x and 7.2.x are supported too. PHP 7.3.x support is being implemented (@ MDL-63420) and not ready for production with this release.
  • /mod/feedback/
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    Fileajax.php                [source] [59 lines]    Process ajax requests
    Fileanalysis.php            [source] [101 lines]   shows an analysed view of feedback
    Fileanalysis_course.php     [source] [154 lines]   shows an analysed view of a feedback on the mainsite
    Fileanalysis_to_excel.php   [source] [115 lines]   prints an analysed excel-spreadsheet of the feedback
    Filechoose_group_form.php   [source] [25 lines]    prints the form to choose the group you want to analyse
    Filecomplete.php            [source] [142 lines]   prints the form so the user can fill out the feedback
    Filecomplete_guest.php      [source] [32 lines]    prints the form so an anonymous user can fill out the feedback on the mainsite
    Filedelete_template.php     [source] [98 lines]    deletes a template
    Fileedit.php                [source] [177 lines]   prints the form to edit the feedback items such moving, deleting and so on
    Fileedit_form.php           [source] [158 lines]   prints the forms to choose an item-typ to create items and to choose a template to use
    Fileedit_item.php           [source] [123 lines]   prints the form to edit a dedicated item
    Fileexport.php              [source] [171 lines]   prints the form to export the items as xml-file
    Fileimport.php              [source] [294 lines]   prints the form to import items from xml-file
    Fileimport_form.php         [source] [59 lines]    prints the forms to choose an xml-template file to import items
    Fileindex.php               [source] [127 lines]   prints the overview of all feedbacks included into the current course
    Filelib.php                 [source] [3249 lines]  Library of functions and constants for module feedback includes the main-part of feedback-functions
    Filemapcourse.php           [source] [69 lines]    print the form to map courses for global feedbacks
    Filemod_form.php            [source] [221 lines]   print the form to add or edit a feedback-instance
    Fileprint.php               [source] [69 lines]    print a printview of feedback-items
    Filesettings.php            [source] [25 lines]    
    Fileshow_entries.php        [source] [163 lines]   print the single entries
    Fileshow_entries_anonym.php [source] [32 lines]    print the single-values of anonymous completeds
    Fileshow_nonrespondents.php [source] [305 lines]   print the single entries
    Filetabs.php                [source] [92 lines]    prints the tabbed bar
    Fileuse_templ.php           [source] [84 lines]    print the confirm dialog to use template and create new items from template
    Fileuse_templ_form.php      [source] [56 lines]    prints the form to confirm use template
    Fileversion.php             [source] [32 lines]    Feedback version information
    Fileview.php                [source] [152 lines]   the first page to view the feedback