Developer Documentation

  • Bug fixes for general core bugs in 3.7.x will end 11 May 2020 (12 months).
  • Bug fixes for security issues in 3.7.x will end 9 November 2020 (18 months) - Support has ended.
  • minimum PHP 7.1.0 Note: minimum PHP version has increased since Moodle 3.6. PHP 7.2.x and 7.3.x are supported too. PHP 7.x could have some engine limitations.
  • /badges/
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    Fileaction.php              [source] [134 lines]   Page to handle actions associated with badges management.
    Fileajax.php                [source] [48 lines]    Sends request to check web site availability.
    Filealignment.php           [source] [109 lines]   List alignments, skills, or standards are targeted by a BadgeClass.
    Filealignment_action.php    [source] [41 lines]    Processing actions with alignments.
    Filealignment_form.php      [source] [94 lines]    Form alignment for editing.
    Fileassertion.php           [source] [66 lines]    Serve assertion JSON by unique hash of issued badge
    Fileaward.php               [source] [201 lines]   Handle manual badge award.
    Filebackpack-add.php        [source] [97 lines]    Optionally award a badge and redirect to the my badges page.
    Filebackpackemailverify.php [source] [81 lines]    Endpoint for the verification email link.
    Filebackpacks.php           [source] [86 lines]    Display a list of badge backpacks for the site.
    Filebadge.php               [source] [93 lines]    Display details of an issued badge with criteria and evidence
    Filebadge_json.php          [source] [126 lines]   Serve BadgeClass JSON for related badge.
    Filecriteria.php            [source] [108 lines]   Editing badge details, criteria, messages
    Filecriteria_action.php     [source] [93 lines]    Processing actions with badge criteria.
    Filecriteria_form.php       [source] [106 lines]   Form classes for editing badges criteria
    Filecriteria_settings.php   [source] [111 lines]   Page for editing badges criteria settings.
    Fileedit.php                [source] [160 lines]   Editing badge details, criteria, messages
    Fileendorsement.php         [source] [104 lines]   Endorsement information
    Fileendorsement_form.php    [source] [97 lines]    Form endorsement for editing.
    Fileendorsement_json.php    [source] [69 lines]    Serve endorsement JSON for assertion.
    Fileexternal.php            [source] [105 lines]   Display details of an issued badge with criteria and evidence
    Fileimage_author_json.php   [source] [52 lines]    Serve profile image author JSON for assertion.
    Fileindex.php               [source] [198 lines]   Page for badges management
    Fileissuer_json.php         [source] [52 lines]    Serve Issuer JSON for related badge or default Issuer if no badge is defined.
    Filelib.php                 [source] [75 lines]    Defines various library functions.
    Filemybackpack.php          [source] [148 lines]   User backpack settings page.
    Filemybadges.php            [source] [122 lines]   Displays user badges for badges management in own profile
    Filenewbadge.php            [source] [133 lines]   First step page for creating a new badge
    Fileoverview.php            [source] [80 lines]    Badge overview page
    Filepreferences.php         [source] [66 lines]    Badges user preferences page.
    Filepreferences_form.php    [source] [47 lines]    Form class for editing badges preferences.
    Filerecipients.php          [source] [113 lines]   Badge awards information
    Filerelated.php             [source] [106 lines]   Related badges information
    Filerelated_action.php      [source] [42 lines]    Action related badges.
    Filerelated_form.php        [source] [110 lines]   Form related badges.
    Filerenderer.php            [source] [1396 lines]  Renderer for use with the badges output
    Fileupgradelib.php          [source] [65 lines]    Contains upgrade and install functions for badges.
    Fileview.php                [source] [140 lines]   Displays available badges to a user