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    This file contains the renderers for the calendar within Moodle

    Copyright: 2010 Sam Hemelryk
    License: GNU GPL v3 or later
    File Size: 421 lines (17 kb)
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    Referenced: 1 time
    Includes or requires: 0 files

    Defines 1 class

    Class: core_calendar_renderer  - X-Ref

    The primary renderer for the calendar.

    start_layout()   X-Ref
    Starts the standard layout for the page

    return: string

    complete_layout()   X-Ref
    Creates the remainder of the layout

    return: string

    fake_block_threemonths(calendar_information $calendar)   X-Ref
    Produces the content for the three months block (pretend block)

    This includes the previous month, the current month, and the next month

    return: string
    param: calendar_information $calendar

    add_pretend_calendar_block(block_contents $bc, $pos=BLOCK_POS_RIGHT)   X-Ref
    Adds a pretent calendar block

    param: block_contents $bc
    param: mixed $pos BLOCK_POS_RIGHT | BLOCK_POS_LEFT

    add_event_button($courseid, $unused1 = null, $unused2 = null, $unused3 = null, $unused4 = null)   X-Ref
    Creates a button to add a new event.

    return: string
    param: int $courseid
    param: int $unused1
    param: int $unused2
    param: int $unused3
    param: int $unused4

    event(calendar_event $event, $showactions=true)   X-Ref
    Displays an event

    return: string
    param: calendar_event $event
    param: bool $showactions

    course_filter_selector(moodle_url $returnurl, $label = null, $courseid = null)   X-Ref
    Displays a course filter selector

    return: string
    param: moodle_url $returnurl The URL that the user should be taken too upon selecting a course.
    param: string $label The label to use for the course select.
    param: int $courseid The id of the course to be selected.

    subscription_details($unused = null, $subscriptions, $importresults = '')   X-Ref
    Renders a table containing information about calendar subscriptions.

    return: string
    param: int $unused
    param: array $subscriptions
    param: string $importresults

    subscription_action_form($subscription)   X-Ref
    Creates a form to perform actions on a given subscription.

    return: string
    param: stdClass $subscription

    event_filter()   X-Ref
    Render the event filter region.

    return: string