Developer Documentation

  • Bug fixes for general core bugs in 3.7.x will end 11 May 2020 (12 months).
  • Bug fixes for security issues in 3.7.x will end 9 November 2020 (18 months) - Support has ended.
  • minimum PHP 7.1.0 Note: minimum PHP version has increased since Moodle 3.6. PHP 7.2.x and 7.3.x are supported too. PHP 7.x could have some engine limitations.
  • /calendar/tests/
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    Fileaction_event_test.php                 [source] [196 lines]   Action event tests.
    Fileaction_factory_test.php               [source] [51 lines]    Action factory test.
    Fileaction_test.php                       [source] [82 lines]    Action tests.
    Filecalendar_event_exporter_test.php      [source] [311 lines]   Calendar event exporter tests tests.
    Filecalendar_information_test.php         [source] [1069 lines]  Unit tests for calendar_information.
    Filecalendartype_test.php                 [source] [329 lines]   This file contains the class that handles testing the calendar type system.
    Filecalendartype_test_example.php         [source] [317 lines]   
    Filecm_info_proxy_test.php                [source] [59 lines]    cm_info_proxy tests.
    Filecontainer_test.php                    [source] [585 lines]   Event container tests.
    Filecoursecat_proxy_test.php              [source] [64 lines]    coursecat_proxy tests.
    Fileevent_description_test.php            [source] [71 lines]    Event description tests.
    Fileevent_factory_test.php                [source] [485 lines]   Event factory test.
    Fileevent_mapper_test.php                 [source] [452 lines]   Event mapper test.
    Fileevent_test.php                        [source] [145 lines]   Event tests.
    Fileevent_times_test.php                  [source] [80 lines]    Event times tests.
    Fileevent_vault_test.php                  [source] [1218 lines]  This file contains the class that handles testing of the calendar event vault.
    Fileevents_related_objects_cache_test.php [source] [140 lines]   Tests for the events_related_objects_cache.
    Fileevents_test.php                       [source] [822 lines]   This file contains the class that handles testing of the calendar events.
    Fileexternallib_test.php                  [source] [2699 lines]  External calendar functions unit tests
    Filehelpers.php                           [source] [158 lines]   This file contains helper classes and functions for testing.
    Filelib_test.php                          [source] [966 lines]   Contains the class containing unit tests for the calendar lib.
    Filelocal_api_test.php                    [source] [1300 lines]  Contains the class containing unit tests for the calendar local API.
    Fileprivacy_test.php                      [source] [832 lines]   Privacy tests for core_calendar.
    Fileraw_event_retrieval_strategy_test.php [source] [450 lines]   Raw event retrieval strategy tests.
    Filerepeat_event_collection_test.php      [source] [211 lines]   Repeat event collection tests.
    Filerrule_manager_test.php                [source] [2903 lines]  Defines test class to test manage rrule during ical imports.
    Filestd_proxy_test.php                    [source] [169 lines]   std_proxy tests.