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  • Bug fixes for general core bugs in 3.7.x will end 11 May 2020 (12 months).
  • Bug fixes for security issues in 3.7.x will end 9 November 2020 (18 months) - Support has ended.
  • minimum PHP 7.1.0 Note: minimum PHP version has increased since Moodle 3.6. PHP 7.2.x and 7.3.x are supported too. PHP 7.x could have some engine limitations.
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    Fileaccesslib.php                     [source] [7650 lines]  This file contains functions for managing user access Public API vs internals
    Fileadminlib.php                      [source] [11099 lines] Functions and classes used during installation, upgrades and for admin settings. ADMIN SETTINGS TREE INTRODUCTION
    Fileauthlib.php                       [source] [1234 lines]  Multiple plugin authentication Support library 2006-08-28 File created, AUTH return values defined.
    Filebadgeslib.php                     [source] [1193 lines]  Contains classes, functions and constants used in badges.
    Fileblocklib.php                      [source] [2589 lines]  Block Class and Functions This file defines the {@link block_manager} class,
    Fileboxlib.php                        [source] [268 lines] client.
    Fileclilib.php                        [source] [285 lines]   Command line utility functions and classes
    Filecompletionlib.php                 [source] [1404 lines]  Contains classes, functions and constants used during the tracking of activity completion for users. Completion top-level options (admin setting enablecompletion)
    Filecomponentlib.class.php            [source] [837 lines]   This library includes all the necessary stuff to use the one-click download and install feature of Moodle, used to keep updated some items like languages, pear, enviroment... i.e, components. It has been developed harcoding some important limits that are explained below: - It only can check, download and install items under moodledata. - Every downloadeable item must be one zip file. - The zip file root content must be 1 directory, i.e, everything is stored under 1 directory. - Zip file name and root directory must have the same name (but the .zip extension, of course). - Every .zip file must be defined in one .md5 file that will be stored in the same remote directory than the .zip file. - The name of such .md5 file is free, although it's recommended to use the same name than the .zip (that's the default assumption if no specified). - Every remote .md5 file will be a comma separated (CVS) file where each line will follow this format: - Field 1: name of the zip file (without extension). Mandatory. - Field 2: md5 of the zip file. Mandatory. - Field 3: whatever you want (or need). Optional. -Every local .md5 file will: - Have the zip file name (without the extension) plus -md5 - Will reside inside the expanded zip file dir - Will contain the md5 od the latest installed component With all these details present, the process will perform this tasks: - Perform security checks. Only admins are allowed to use this for now. - Read the .md5 file from source (1). - Extract the correct line for the .zip being requested. - Compare it with the local .md5 file (2). - If different: - Download the newer .zip file from source. - Calculate its md5 (3). - Compare (1) and (3). - If equal: - Delete old directory. - Uunzip the newer .zip file. - Create the new local .md5 file. - Delete the .zip file. - If different: - ERROR. Old package won't be modified. We shouldn't reach here ever. - If component download is not possible, a message text about how to do the process manually (remotedownloaderror) must be displayed to explain it.
    Fileconditionlib.php                  [source] [29 lines]    DO NOT INCLUDE THIS FILE.
    Fileconfigonlylib.php                 [source] [207 lines]   Minimalistic library, usable even when no other moodle libs are loaded. The only library that gets loaded if you define ABORT_AFTER_CONFIG before including main config.php. You can resume normal script operation if you define ABORT_AFTER_CONFIG_CANCEL and require the setup.php
    Filecoursecatlib.php                  [source] [104 lines]   Deprecated file, classes moved to autoloaded locations
    Filecronlib.php                       [source] [581 lines]   Cron functions.
    Filecsslib.php                        [source] [404 lines]   This file contains CSS file serving functions. NOTE: these functions are not expected to be used from any addons.
    Filecsvlib.class.php                  [source] [558 lines]   This is a one-line short description of the file You can have a rather longer description of the file as well, if you like, and it can span multiple lines.
    Filecustomcheckslib.php               [source] [37 lines]    This is a place to put custom environment checks, if there is not a better place.
    Filedataformatlib.php                 [source] [88 lines]    dataformatlib.php - Contains core dataformat related functions.
    Filedatalib.php                       [source] [1802 lines]  Library of functions for database manipulation. Other main libraries: - weblib.php - functions that produce web output - moodlelib.php - general-purpose Moodle functions
    Fileddllib.php                        [source] [149 lines]   This library includes all the required functions used to handle the DB structure (DDL) independently of the underlying RDBMS in use. This library includes all the required functions used to handle the DB structure (DDL) independently of the underlying RDBMS in use. All the functions rely on the XMLDBDriver classes to be able to generate the correct SQL syntax needed by each DB.
    Filedeprecatedlib.php                 [source] [3697 lines]  deprecatedlib.php - Old functions retained only for backward compatibility Old functions retained only for backward compatibility. New code should not use any of these functions.
    Filedmllib.php                        [source] [376 lines]   This library contains all the Data Manipulation Language (DML) functions used to interact with the DB This library contains all the Data Manipulation Language (DML) functions used to interact with the DB. All the dunctions in this library must be generic and work against the major number of RDBMS possible. This is the list of currently supported and tested DBs: mysql, postresql, mssql, oracle
    Filedtllib.php                        [source] [74 lines]    DTL == Database Transfer Library This library includes all the required functions used to handle transfer of data from one database to another.
    Fileeditorlib.php                     [source] [245 lines]   Utility classes and functions for text editor integration.
    Fileemptyfile.php                     [source] [21 lines]    This is an empty file. For those times when you want something you can request to get an empty response.
    Fileenrollib.php                      [source] [3207 lines]  This library includes the basic parts of enrol api. It is available on each page.
    Fileenvironmentlib.php                [source] [1648 lines]  This library includes all the necessary stuff to execute some standard tests of required versions and libraries to run Moodle. It can be used from the admin interface, and both at install and upgrade. All the info is stored in the admin/environment.xml file, supporting to have an updated version in dataroot/environment
    Fileexcellib.class.php                [source] [858 lines]   Excel writer abstraction layer.
    Fileexternallib.php                   [source] [1508 lines]  Support for external API
    Filefilelib.php                       [source] [5018 lines]  Functions for file handling.
    Filefilterlib.php                     [source] [1593 lines]  Library functions for managing text filter plugins.
    Fileflickrclient.php                  [source] [253 lines]   Provides {@link flickr_client} class.
    Fileflickrlib.php                     [source] [1169 lines]  phpFlickr Class 2.2.0 Written by Dan Coulter ( Sourceforge Project Page: {@link} Released under GNU Lesser General Public License ({@link}) For more information about the class and upcoming tools and toys using it, visit {@link} or {@link} For installation instructions, open the README.txt file packaged with this class. If you don't have a copy, you can see it at: {@link}
    Fileformslib.php                      [source] [3359 lines]  formslib.php - library of classes for creating forms in Moodle, based on PEAR QuickForms. To use formslib then you will want to create a new file purpose_form.php eg. edit_form.php and you want to name your class something like {modulename}_{purpose}_form. Your class will extend moodleform overriding abstract classes definition and optionally defintion_after_data and validation.
    Filegdlib.php                         [source] [461 lines]   gdlib.php - Collection of routines in Moodle related to processing images using GD
    Filegoogleapi.php                     [source] [464 lines]   Simple implementation of some Google API functions for Moodle.
    Filegradelib.php                      [source] [1621 lines]  Library of functions for gradebook - both public and internal
    Filegraphlib.php                      [source] [1797 lines]  Graph Class. PHP Class to draw line, point, bar, and area graphs, including numeric x-axis and double y-axis. Version: 1.6.3 Copyright (C) 2000 Herman Veluwenkamp This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
    Filegrouplib.php                      [source] [1256 lines]  
    Fileinstalllib.php                    [source] [528 lines]   Functions to support installation process
    Filejavascript.php                    [source] [117 lines]   This file is serving optimised JS
    Filejslib.php                         [source] [133 lines]   This file contains various javascript related functions, all functions here are self contained and can be used in ABORT_AFTER_CONFIG scripts.
    Fileldaplib.php                       [source] [502 lines]   ldaplib.php - LDAP functions & data library Library file of miscellaneous general-purpose LDAP functions and data structures, useful for both ldap authentication (or ldap based authentication like CAS) and enrolment plugins.
    Filelexer.php                         [source] [443 lines]   PHP lexer code snarfed from the CVS tree for the lamplib project at This project is administered by Markus Baker, Harry Fuecks and Matt Mitchell, and the project code is in the public domain. Thanks, guys!
    Filelicenselib.php                    [source] [219 lines]   A namespace contains license specific functions
    Filelistlib.php                       [source] [640 lines]   Classes for displaying and editing a nested list of items. Handles functionality for :
    Filemathslib.php                      [source] [143 lines]   
    Filemessagelib.php                    [source] [758 lines]   Functions for interacting with the message system
    Filemodinfolib.php                    [source] [2905 lines]  modinfolib.php - Functions/classes relating to cached information about module instances on a course.
    Filemoodlelib.php                     [source] [10424 lines] moodlelib.php - Moodle main library Main library file of miscellaneous general-purpose Moodle functions. Other main libraries: - weblib.php - functions that produce web output - datalib.php - functions that access the database
    Filemyprofilelib.php                  [source] [432 lines]   Defines core nodes for my profile navigation tree.
    Filenavigationlib.php                 [source] [5863 lines]  This file contains classes used to manage the navigation structures within Moodle.
    Fileoauthlib.php                      [source] [758 lines]   
    Fileodslib.class.php                  [source] [1491 lines]  ODS file writer. The xml used here is derived from output of LibreOffice 3.6.4 The design is based on Excel writer abstraction by Eloy Lafuente and others.
    Fileoutputactions.php                 [source] [221 lines]   Classes representing JS event handlers, used by output components. Please see for an overview.
    Fileoutputcomponents.php              [source] [5001 lines]  Classes representing HTML elements, used by $OUTPUT methods Please see for an overview.
    Fileoutputfactories.php               [source] [449 lines]   Interface and classes for creating appropriate renderers for various parts of Moodle. Please see for an overview.
    Fileoutputfragmentrequirementslib.php [source] [129 lines]   Library functions to facilitate the use of JavaScript in Moodle.
    Fileoutputlib.php                     [source] [2789 lines]  Functions for generating the HTML that Moodle should output. Please see for an overview.
    Fileoutputrenderers.php               [source] [5157 lines]  Classes for rendering HTML output for Moodle. Please see {@link} for an overview.
    Fileoutputrequirementslib.php         [source] [2110 lines]  Library functions to facilitate the use of JavaScript in Moodle. Note: you can find history of this file in lib/ajax/ajaxlib.php
    Filepagelib.php                       [source] [2048 lines]  This file contains the moodle_page class. There is normally a single instance of this class in the $PAGE global variable. This class is a central repository of information about the page we are building up to send back to the user.
    Filepdflib.php                        [source] [253 lines]   pdflib.php - Moodle PDF library We currently use the TCPDF library by Nicola Asuni.
    Filephpminimumversionlib.php          [source] [76 lines]    A set of PHP-compatible convenience functions to check Moodle minimum PHP version in a unified place. PLEASE NOTE: This file is made to be both php-version compatible and without requirement on any moodle functions or installation so it can be used in installer or incompatible PHP versions.
    Fileplagiarismlib.php                 [source] [186 lines]   plagiarismlib.php - Contains core Plagiarism related functions.
    Fileportfoliolib.php                  [source] [1371 lines]  This file contains all global functions to do with manipulating portfolios. Everything else that is logically namespaced by class is in its own file in lib/portfolio/ directory.
    Filequestionlib.php                   [source] [2361 lines]  Code for handling and processing questions This is code that is module independent, i.e., can be used by any module that uses questions, like quiz, lesson, .. This script also loads the questiontype classes Code for handling the editing of questions is in {@link question/editlib.php}
    Filerecaptchalib.php                  [source] [343 lines]   This is a PHP library that handles calling reCAPTCHA. - Documentation and latest version {@link} - Get a reCAPTCHA API Key {@link} - Discussion group {@link} Copyright (c) 2007 reCAPTCHA -- {@link} AUTHORS: Mike Crawford Ben Maurer
    Filerecaptchalib_v2.php               [source] [193 lines]   This is a PHP library that handles calling reCAPTCHA v2. - Documentation {@link} - Get a reCAPTCHA API Key {@link} - Discussion group {@link}
    Filerequirejs.php                     [source] [151 lines]   This file is serving optimised JS for RequireJS.
    Fileresourcelib.php                   [source] [281 lines]   Recourse module like helper functions
    Filersslib.php                        [source] [530 lines]   This file contains all the common stuff to be used in RSS System
    Filesearchlib.php                     [source] [516 lines]   
    Filesessionkeepalive_ajax.php         [source] [36 lines]    Ensure that session is kept alive.
    Filesessionlib.php                    [source] [236 lines]   
    Filesetup.php                         [source] [1043 lines]  setup.php - Sets up sessions, connects to databases and so on Normally this is only called by the main config.php file Normally this file does not need to be edited.
    Filesetuplib.php                      [source] [2148 lines]  These functions are required very early in the Moodle setup process, before any of the main libraries are loaded.
    Filesoaplib.php                       [source] [150 lines]   Web services wrapper library script Since Moodle 2.0 we rely only on native PHP Soap extension, the original name of this file was lib/soap/phpsoap.php
    Filestatslib.php                      [source] [1840 lines]  
    Filetablelib.php                      [source] [1856 lines]  
    Filetokeniserlib.php                  [source] [406 lines]   Based on Drupal's search.module version 1.224 {@link}
    Fileupgradelib.php                    [source] [2728 lines]  Various upgrade/install related functions and classes.
    Fileuploadlib.php                     [source] [51 lines]    uploadlib.php - This class handles all aspects of fileuploading
    Filevalidateurlsyntax.php             [source] [555 lines]   About validateUrlSyntax(): This function will verify if a http URL is formatted properly, returning either with true or false. I used rfc #2396 URI: Generic Syntax as my guide when creating the regular expression. For all the details see the comments below.
    Filewebdavlib.php                     [source] [1754 lines]  
    Fileweblib.php                        [source] [3705 lines]  Library of functions for web output Library of all general-purpose Moodle PHP functions and constants that produce HTML output
    Filewiki_to_markdown.php              [source] [392 lines]   Utility function to convert wiki-like to Markdown format
    Filewomenslib.php                     [source] [29 lines]    
    Filexmlize.php                        [source] [245 lines]   Code for parsing xml files. Handles functionality for:
    Filexsendfilelib.php                  [source] [86 lines]    X-Sendfile support